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GDPR Information & Statement

Gloucestershire County Council collect information about you when you pay for a service online. This may include your name, address, contact and payment details. The information will be used to provide to you and manage any information or services that you have requested or any service that you have ordered.

The information will be kept for the end of the current financial year plus six years, unless required to keep it longer by law. For full details on how we use, store and share your information please view the council's privacy notice.

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You must agree to our music set loan terms to proceed to the request form.

By placing this reservation you are committing to pay a charge for reserving the items and this charge will be made to your library account at the point we process your reservation.

If  we are unable to meet your request we cannot make a cash refund.  Instead any reservation fee that you are owed will be credited to your library account.  Further information regarding cancellation of requests can be found on our website.

Please maintain the conditions of the materials you loan:

•    Do not deface items with pen, stickers or similar
•    Items loaned from outside Gloucestershire, or that are brand new, may be subject to penalty if marked in any way.
•    Items loaned from the Gloucestershire collection must be returned in the condition that they were issued in.
•    Lost items must be replaced with an identical edition and bound as appropriate. You will also be charged for the loss.

By checking this box, you are agreeing to all the conditions of loan and lending as outlined on this page.* Required