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HRC Booking Amendment Form - Cars

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Before you start

This form can be used to make amendments to HRC site visits for cars:

  • Re-scheduling a booking - This can only be completed in respect of the originally-chosen recycling centre. If you want to visit another centre instead, please cancel your booking and re-book.
  • Cancel a booking - Once a booking has been cancelled it will make the booking slot available for someone else to book. 
  • Amend the vehicle registration - In the event of your vehicle being unavailable on the day of your booking e.g. accident repair or service, use of courtesy vehicle.

  • Amendments can only be made up to and including the day of your scheduled visit.
  • Cancelled bookings cannot be retrieved nor amended.


Once any changes have been submitted you will receive an email to confirm the changes to the email provided in your original booking. 

I understand the above information* Required