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Healthy Start

Healthy Start Vitamin Vouchers

The Healthy Start scheme provides vouchers and gives people access to free vitamins distributed via the Children and Families Hub from Shire Hall.  An easy initial application form needs to be completed then vouchers will be sent to eligible families. 

Healthy Start vitamins are suitable for vegetarians and halal diets, and free from milk, egg, gluten, soya and peanut residues

Healthy Start women’s vitamin tablets contain:

  • Folic acid: reduces the chance of your baby having spina bifida, a birth defect where the spine doesn’t form properly
  • Vitamin C: helps maintain healthy tissue in the body
  • Vitamin D: helps your body to absorb calcium and so supports your baby’s bones to develop properly

Healthy Start children’s vitamin drops contain:

  • Vitamin A: for growth, vision in dim light and healthy skin
  • Vitamin C: helps maintain healthy tissue in the body
  • Vitamin D: for strong bones and teeth.

Healthy Start vitamins are for children from birth and who are having less than 500ml (one pint) of infant formula a day.

How can families access the scheme?